Aerobatic Experience

Bodmin Airfield, Bodmin, UK
07850 969915
"The Plane Ride of Your Life"


Prepare for the ride of your life with the pulse rate to match! Welcome to the world of aerobatics, cloud dancing and manoeuvres in the sky that will leave you wanting more.

Our Super Decathlon is a fully rated aerobatic aircraft capable of pulling +6 -5 G with a fully inverted fuel system which makes seeing the world upside down one of the options available to you. The other amazing manoeuvres available for you to experience are stall turns, loops, rolls and Chandelles. The Instructor will demonstrate these to you and also give you the opportunity of taking the controls yourself. Of course if you wish you can opt to have more of a sedate flight just viewing the coastline of Cornwall and the incredible countryside.

The aircraft itself is almost new in aviation terms having covered just over 700 hours since new.  It has also had a famous owner, Captain Cock as he calls himself James May from Top Gear.

Some general advice about the experience, always wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes. Please let your Instructor know if you have any medical issues.

  • On arrival you will have a pre-flight briefing from your Instructor.
  • You will be shown the aircraft and fitted into the harness.
  • The flight will last 30 minutes from brakes off to brakes on.
  • Once airborne you will be able to take the controls if you wish.
  • If you would like a GoPro video of your flight, they can offer you this at an extra £20 plus £5 for the SD card. (you can provide your own card).
  • One hour flight available as well, but only recommended if you want a sedate flight looking at the amazing scenery.


Bodmin Airfield, Bodmin, UK