The Dining Room

Fine Dining, Awarded Michelin Plate for good cooking
Fine Dining


This family run restaurant is in the beautiful village of Rock, which sits across the bay from Padstow. In fact there is a little ferry that goes between the 2 villages which is a great way to travel. Rock is an extremely sought after area with Gordon Ramsey even owning a property there. The Dining Room is beautifully presented and everything you eat is homemade including the butter. The products are local and fresh and the menu is varied to include meat, fish and vegetarian options. This restaurant was opened in 2010 and its classical cooking and great flavours have earnt it a mention on the Michelin guide.

Why not stay in one of our amazing accommodation choices in and around Padstow and get the ferry over to Rock for the evening to enjoy this fantastic food. Check out our town guides too to see what else you can do in the area. The Dining Room is highly recommended for a special occasion but please book in advance to make sure that you can get a place.

About Padstow, Rock

Padstow, famous for its harbour, Rick Sein, fresh dining and gorgeous beach has something for the whole family.

Rick Stein has a seafood restaurant and a take away here as well as a shop which tourists love to sample some of his famous fish and chips.

The harbour is a fantastic place with a great atmosphere to explore throughout the day or night, with lots of little shops in the narrow streets surrounding the harbour to explore.

There is a beach called St Georges Cove just half a mile away from the harbour as well and so much coastline to explore around the town.

Rock is an extremely desirable place to visit and to live boasting some incredible properties with phenomenal views over the River Camel and out to sea. Opposite Padstow on the North coast, Rock is a great place for water sports, fishing or boat trips. You will also find some fine dining places to eat and amazing views. You may bump into Gordon Ramsey who has a property near here.