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Situated close to the well-known Minack Theatre and the settlement of St. Levan on Cornwall’s south coast, Porthchapel Beach is a little-known but hidden beauty. A calm coastal experience may be had at Porthchapel Beach, which is well-known for its natural beauty. The beach is a gorgeous location for tourists, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean’s turquoise seas. Compared to many other Cornish beaches, Porthchapel Beach is calm and secluded, offering a tranquil ambiance. Its secluded setting and challenging accessibility add to its unspoiled, tranquil nature.

It can be difficult to reach the beach from the neighboring Porthchapel Church due to the steep and narrow approach, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Guests should pack their own supplies, as there are no amenities right on the beach. There is a small parking lot close to Porthchapel Church.

In calm waters, the beach is perfect for swimming and canoeing, especially during low tide when the sandy surface is larger. The beautiful seas and unique underwater rock formations make snorkeling popular. Discovering the different marine life in the tidal zones and rock pools can be fascinating.

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St. Levan, United Kingdom

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