Towan Beach


Often referred to as the ‘Town Beach’ due to its proximity to Newquay town, Towan Beach is a sandy retreat nestled directly below Killacourt, a cherished community green space. At high tide, it appears as a quaint cove, but during low tide, it merges seamlessly with the neighbouring Great Western Beach. The beach’s sheltered nature makes it ideal for families, offering gentler waves.

Unlike some of its more expansive neighbors, Towan Beach offers a relatively compact sandy stretch, making it an ideal spot for families and those seeking a more intimate beach experience.

One of Towan Beach’s most distinctive features is the ‘Island’, a rocky promontory connected to the mainland by a 90 ft suspension bridge. This iconic landmark, housing a privately-owned house, provides a picturesque backdrop that’s unique to Towan. It’s a common subject for local photographers and artists, capturing the essence of Cornwall’s rugged yet beautiful coastline.

The beach itself is sheltered by high cliffs on either side, creating a natural windbreak. This makes it particularly appealing for sunbathers and swimmers, as the waters here are often calmer than those at other nearby beaches.

The waves here are generally more manageable, and several surf schools operate from the beach, offering lessons and equipment hire. 

The beach’s proximity to Newquay town center makes it exceptionally convenient. A short walk leads you to a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops, offering everything from traditional Cornish pasties to bespoke souvenirs. This accessibility also means that Towan can become quite busy during peak tourist season, so arriving early or visiting during off-peak times is advisable for those seeking a quieter experience.

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