Watergate Bay


Watergate Bay Beach, located on the north coast of Cornwall, extends over a two-mile stretch of golden sand, making it a popular destination for surfers and beachgoers. Renowned for its wide expanse and consistent surf, it’s ideal for a variety of water sports.

The beach is well-equipped with amenities, ensuring a comfortable visit. There’s ample parking available nearby, along with accessible facilities including toilets and showers. Lifeguard services are provided seasonally, offering safety assurance for swimmers and surfers.

Culinary options around Watergate Bay are diverse, catering to different tastes. The Beach Hut is a notable casual dining spot right on the sand, known for its relaxed atmosphere and stunning sea views. For a more upscale experience, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall, located above the beach, offers Italian-inspired dishes with a focus on local, sustainably sourced ingredients. Another popular choice is Wax, a versatile venue combining a bar, restaurant, and lounge, where visitors can enjoy a range of cuisines.

In addition to dining, Watergate Bay also hosts a range of accommodations, including the Watergate Bay Hotel, which provides luxurious rooms and amenities with direct beach access. The area’s overall appeal lies not just in its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, but also in the comprehensive facilities that cater to the needs of all who visit.

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