Best Newquay Beach Bars to Enjoy a Sunset Drink

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, Newquay has a lot to offer. It has several sandy beaches to choose from and it even has some of the best surf in the whole country.  However, its best feature has to be the beautiful seaside view that faces the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  And of course, the most romantic has to be the gorgeous and most stunning sunsets over the sea.

Let’s take a look at some of the best beach bars where you can enjoy a romantic sunset with your loved one.

Fistral Beach Bar, Newquay

If you’re looking for a great bar that’s right on the beach facing the sea, then the Fistral Beach Bar is the place for you.  This bar offers a wide array of drinks and food for you to enjoy and have a great time to relax.  It’s also a great place to view the beach and all the activities and just enjoy the view. In fact, it’s right beside the beach that you can literally walk to the beach from the bar to the sandy beach.

As the Fistral Beach Bar faces directly the Atlantic Ocean, be prepared to watch the sunset in Cornwall and get to witness a beautiful array of colours that will really keep you in the mood as the sky turns to orange until it fades completely to black. Definitely, this is a place to check out for that romantic sunset evening.

The Mermaid Inn, Porth, Newquay

Here’s another great beach bar that faces the Atlantic Ocean.  Located just beside the Porth Beach, The Mermaid Inn is a wonderful place to view the sea and relax while waiting for the sun to go down.  Away from the major beaches and tourist destinations in Newquay, the Mermaid Inn gives a very quaint and relaxing atmosphere that you and your loved one can enjoy.

You and your loved one can hangout at the Mermaid Inn and relax while having a drink or two from their extensive drink menu or perhaps even have a meal while waiting for the sun to go down.  It promises to have a great view of not just the sea but the beautiful orange sunset that will put you in the mood for romance.

Lewinnick Lodge, Newquay

The Lewinnick Lodge is perfect for romantic weekend getaways.  While not exactly a beach bar, it’s perched right a top of a cliff on the Pentire Headland and just a few minutes’ walk away from the Fistral Beach and the River Gannel Estuary.  Its location on top of a cliff gives it a fantastic view of the Fistral Bay and the Atlantic Ocean so you are greeted with a wonderful seaside view.

The Lewinnick Lodge offers both accommodations and a bar with an outside terrace facing the sea.  It’s a wonderful place to just relax and hang out with your special someone while viewing the sea and the beautiful sunsets it has to offer.  Stay here for a night or two and enjoy the food and drinks the bar has to offer while enjoying the wonderful sea breeze and the fantastic view

Estrella Morada, Porth, Newquay

The Estrella Morada is a tapas bar that’s located just beside the Porth Beach.  It’s a great place to enjoy great Spanish food with some local beers and other drinks.  It’s also located at an amazing location where you can actually enjoy the seaside view and watch the sun go down in the horizon.

It’s a great place you can bring your significant other to enjoy your time with something different than your usual bar or restaurant experience.  Prices are great for the food and drinks offered at the bar.  And its location by the beach allows for a great ambiance and atmosphere.  You can even walk directly to the beach and enjoy time just gazing into the distance.

Merrymoor Inn, Mawgan Porth

Many of the great beach bars and pubs in Newquay can be found along Porth Beach in the northern part of Newquay.  One such establishment is the Merrymoor Inn. The Merrymoor sits right at the beach side with a great view of the Atlantic coastline. It offers lunches and dinners and has some of the best views in Newquay.

The Merrymoor is also a bed and breakfast and offers accommodations for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic weekend.  Whether you are looking to a traditional beach holiday or a quick surfing trip, the Merrymoor is the place to go. And if sunsets are what we are looking at, then you’ve come to the right place as you can enjoy the beautiful sunset either at the bar or in the comfort of your room.

The Watering Hole, Perranporth

If you ever find yourself in Newquay, you should take a drive south to Perranporth and right at the Perranporth Beach is UK’s only bar on the beach, the Watering Hole.  Unlike most bars and pubs in Newquay and surrounding areas where you can find them just off the side of the beach, this bar is very different as it is literally located on the beach proper itself.

The bar faces the open sea and the Atlantic Ocean so it has some of the most stunning seaside views in the country.  It also has one of the most majestic sunset views you can find anywhere else. It is visually stunning and very romantic so it’s definitely a place you should bring your loved one whether you just want to have a great weekend getaway or looking for a backdrop for a proposal.  Whatever it is, this bar is the place to go for drinks and for romance.

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Bowgie Inn

The Bowgie Inn is another great pub located just off the Crantock Beach in Crantock, south of Newquay.  This local pub is situated on top of a cliff overlooking the sea and the beach.  This place offers a great selection of drinks and food for anyone who’s looking for a place to drink and dine while looking at some breathtaking scenery.

Located on a headland, the Bowgie Inn boasts a panoramic view of the bay that you’ll surely enjoy.  It even has a clifftop garden where you can enjoy the view especially as the sun goes down in Newquay.  The beautiful sunset coupled with the fantastic clifftop and seaside location makes for a great romantic destination.  This place is surely something you should not miss.

The Slope Beach Bar and Kitchen, Newquay

Taking its name from the hangout of the first surfers in Newquay in the 1960s, The Slope Beach Bar and Kitchen is one of the newest bars in Newquay.  This beach bar is located right on the coast of the Great Western Beach.  They serve gourmet burgers, beers, and locally roasted coffee. The place is also kid-friendly and even has a kids menu so there really are options for food and drinks.

While it’s a full restaurant, it has a great beach bar vibe and has some of the most stunning seaside views.  The Slope just overlooks the beach where you can even get a view of the surfers and other beach goers.  It faces the Atlantic Ocean so it has a great view of the sun as it goes down over the ocean which sets a beautiful romantic setting.

Lusty Glaze Beach Bar and Restaurant

Located right just beside the Lusty Glaze Beach is the Lusty Glaze Beach Bar and Restaurant.  It is nestled in a secluded and privately-owned cove and just a few meters away from the Newquay town centre.  At the Lusty Glaze Beach Bar and Restaurant, you can have your meals right beside the beach and just gaze at the fantastic beach and seaside view.  Perfect for romantic dinners where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset as it goes down along the ocean.

You have the option to either sit down inside to enjoy the view or sit outside on the terrace where you can soak up the sunshine during the day or enjoy the beach breeze at night.  It’s open every day and a great place to stop by whether it’s summer or winter.  If you’re looking for a great romantic place then this is the bar to go to.

The Beach Hut

Rounding up our list of beach bars is The Beach Hut.  Located to the north of Newquay near Mawgan Porth, The Beach Hut is a restaurant and bar that sits right beside the bay and a beautiful sandy beach.  Because it’s located away from the major town centre of Newquay, expect the place to be chill and relaxed without a crowd of people.  You can sit in one of many tables beside the window where you can gaze at the beach and into the sea.

The Beach Hut is a perfect romantic location where you can have a bit of privacy while watching a beautiful romantic sun as it sets in the horizon covering the skies of Newquay in bright orange and red colours giving that perfect ambience as you dine or have a drink or two.  Surely it’s not a place to miss.

How did you like this list? Do you agree or was there a bar we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit the Newquay Guide for more about the town.

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