Things To Do in Newquay in the Rain for 2024

Newquay is known for its beaches and many tourists find their way to Newquay to enjoy the sun, the beach and the surf.  It’s not the UK’s surfing capital for nothing.  So the worst thing that could happen to a summer vacation in Newquay would be rain.

Luckily, Newquay has many indoor activities that can make those rainy days huge fun! These activities are great whether you are alone or with family or friends.

Here are some of our favourites.

1. Blue Reef Aquarium, Towan Beach

Blue Reef Aquarium which is located right on the popular Towan Beach, in the heart of the town.

The aquarium is home to many exotic marine animals.  This is where you can come face to face with freshwater turtles, magnificent jellyfish and even catch a glimpse of a pufferfish.  You can even spot a black tip reef shark and giant pacific octopus at the aquarium.  At the very heart of the aquarium, there is an ocean tank with an underwater tunnel where you can get to see a coral reef teeming with different kinds of fish and other marine life. 

As the Blue Reef Aquarium is completely indoors, you don’t have to worry that your trip will be ruined and you can definitely go around while waiting for the rain to stop.

2. Carousel Amusements

Walking distance from Towan Beach is Carousel Amusements.  It is an indoor amusement park but really it’s more like an arcade where you can spend some time playing some of the popular arcade games.  There are pony rides for small kids, there is the classic pinball, there are even video games available.  It’s a great place to hang around if you’re looking to pass the time and definitely great if you have kids with you.  But adults can also try out some of the games and have fun doing so.  If you’re looking to pass the time during a rainy day, this place is definitely another place to check out.

4. Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf

Newquay used to be a hub of piracy and smuggling back in the day so it’s no wonder that they put up a place where you can experience what it’s like to be a pirate at the Pirate’s Quest. Located walking distance from the Tourist Information Centre, the Pirate’s Quest is an indoor activity centre housed in a historical landmark, the old Newquay Theatre.

Pirate’s Quest is an immersive walk-through experience where you can experience what it means to be a pirate.  There are theatrical actors playing as pirates, special effects and wonderful 360-degree sets where you will really feel you are inside a pirate’s cove or on a pirate ship.  A live pirate will guide you and talk about different legends and stories dating as far back as legends of King Arthur and Merlin.  Once you get to the last section, you can then explore the pirate’s ship and go below deck or go to the captain’s cabin.  You can take as much time as you want to wander around and explore the place.

It’s great fun for both children and adults alike so don’t forget to stop by and take a peek especially if you find yourself stuck during a rainy day.

Visit for more information.

5. Jungle Jack’s Indoor Play Area for Kids

If you have kids with you on your holiday and are looking for a place for them to have fun then you can also check out Jungle Jack’s.  It’s an indoor play centre where your kids can wander around and play in its massive 1,700 square feet of crawling tubes, climbing areas, racing slides and even rope bridges.  Kids can have fun and go wild where they can spend hours at a time.  Jungle Jack’s also has a baby and toddler area so younger kids can still enjoy while the older kids have some fun.

You can also relax and have a cup of coffee at the café while the kids are at play.  They also have a kids’ menu for your kids to choose from in case they get hungry. There is a seating area for parents where you get a view of the whole play centre so parents can relax and be assured that their kids will be perfectly safe.

Visit for more information.

5. Newquay Leisure World (Formerly Known as Waterworld)

Newquay Leisure World is a fantastic place for families to have fun, especially on rainy days. Dive into the “Tropical Fun Pool” with lots of cool water stuff like big and small slides, a snake-shaped floatie, and even a water play hut with a cannon! Plus, there’s an erupting volcano and a snake fountain. If you like staying fit, there’s a big gym and fitness studios too. And for a quick snack, they’ve got a cafe. It’s great for all ages, making those rainy days super fun!

6. Oasis Fun Pool at Hendra Holiday Park

Oasis Fun Pool at Hendra Holiday Park is another indoor water park that is perfect for families, offering a variety of pools, thrilling slides, and a special area for toddlers. You can easily book your swim session online in advance, ensuring your spot is secured. For those sunny breaks between the rain, there’s also a heated outdoor pool available in the summer.

The facility is well-equipped with accessible changing rooms, making it a comfortable experience for everyone. And when it’s time for a snack, the Terrace Bar & Restaurant, along with other dining options, are right there to satisfy your hunger. Oasis Fun Pools is an ideal pick for a fun-filled, splashy day out, regardless of the weather!

7. Lighthouse Cinema

Perhaps, movies are more your thing and you’d like to cosy up to a movie on a rainy day? Then, head on over to the New Lighthouse Cinema.

The cinema opened in 2011 and is the only cinema in the area.  Enjoy any of the latest and recently released movies at the Lighthouse Cinema. There are several cinemas to choose from so it’s great for a group of friends or families.  They also show recordings of live performances.

8. Indoor Sports are the way to go

Newquay also has some indoor sports centres where you can enjoy a relaxing game on a cold rainy day.  There are tennis and bowling to choose from.

Tennis is probably one of the most popular pastimes of the British and you too can enjoy it in Newquay.  The Heron Tennis Centre is located near the Newquay Zoo and the place to go if you’re itching to have a game or two. You can rent a court for £16-20 an hour.  They even have a KidZone Court where kids can also play for just £5 a half hour.

If bowling is more your thing, there are several venues for indoor bowling.  There is the California Hotel Ten Pin Bowling, the Porth Lodge Hotel near Porth Beach and the Atlantic Lanes, at Trevarrian near Watergate Bay.   These venues offer your standard 10-pin bowling experience.  You can rent shoes and a lane of your choosing.  It’s definitely something to do for adults and kids alike on a rainy afternoon.

9. Indoor Swimming Pools at your Local Hotel

We’ve mentioned on this list the prospect of enjoying a relaxing day at a water park.  But if you’re not really into large crowds, then go to one of the many hotels or holiday parks that offer use of their indoor swimming pools.  Many of the hotels in Newquay offer this option as an alternative to beach swimming or outdoor pool swimming.

Click here for more information on hotels in Newquay with Swimming Pools.

10. Beach Restaurants

Even on the rainiest of days, beach restaurants can offer a great alternative to relax and just enjoy the beach and the scenery.  Many beach restaurants in the Newquay area offer indoor dining but with large glass windows so that you can actually enjoy the great view outside.  You can sit back and relax and choose from a variety of local cuisine and drinks while having a chat with your friends or simply taking the time to take in the scenery.  And if you’re lucky, you can even view a glimpse of a beautiful sunset on a rainy day.

Visit the Newquay Tourist Information Centre for More Ideas

Newquay is a top tourist destination and so there are many sights and things to do in Newquay that doesn’t require you going to the beach.  A quick stop at the Tourist Information Centre will provide you some ideas and options on what you can hit while waiting for the rain to die down.  They have friendly and helpful staff that can provide you with different information on accommodations, bars, restaurants, and tourist attractions you can visit while you are in town. 

Visit them at the Municipal Offices, Marcus Hill, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1BD or call them on 01637 838516.

Did you like our list? Are there other activities you can think of to do in Newquay?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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