7 of the Best Outdoor Activities in Cornwall

As Cornwall welcomes another vibrant summer, the region’s stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage are ready to be explored.

This article highlights seven exceptional outdoor activities and attractions, each offering a unique glimpse into Cornwall’s captivating beauty. From coastal adventures to serene countryside escapes, these handpicked experiences promise to enrich your visit.

As you plan your journey, consider booking these activities early to ensure you fully experience the best of Cornwall’s outdoor offerings.

Join us in discovering the charm and adventure that Cornwall’s great outdoors has to offer this summer.

1. Giant Slip and Slide

This fantastic giant slide is so much fun for all the family. Located near the coast at Port Issac, it is set in beautiful countryside with stunning sea views. The slide is 110m long with a 3m high launch ramp, they provide inflatable hoops, rings and super fast bodyboards for you to enjoy. There has even been three generations of the same family enjoying themselves, from under 4’s up to 82 year olds and the grandad was the fastest. So you are never too young or old to give it a go.

Why not tie a trip here into a visit to the North coast, if you are interested in Padstow, Tintagel, Boscastle and of course Port Issac itself then this is perfect to do as part of your day out. You can bring a picnic and enjoy a family lunch while the people who want to slide get involved. for more information and to book then please visit the full listing right here.

2. Coast Boat Trip

If you are feeling adventurous and want to explore the stunning coastal areas around Cornwall then this is a must-do for you. A family-run business with a strong connection to the Cornish coast, Jack, Kat and their knowledgeable team of guides will give you the chance to witness Cornwall’s unique heritage from the water as well as the rich ecosystem that supports a huge array of wildlife. In their element, they love what they do and are excited to share experiences and good times while they show you the magic. 

Coast Boat Trips takes you on a boat trip adventure experience that will create lifetime memories. From seeing incredible Cornish scenery, diverse wildlife and enjoying the unique thrill of being on the Atlantic Ocean in a fast and safe boat. Choose between 1,2 and 2.5 hour tours all around the c coastal areas such as Godrevy, Seal Island, Mount’s bay and Land’s end. You really will experience the beauty and drama of the Cornish coast and Sea with some fantastic tour guides. For more information and to book your once in a lifetime experience visit the full listing on our site right here

3. Lost Garden’s of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is a fantastic place to visit, whether you have kids, dogs, or just a couple who want to explore the countryside. There are many different trails you can follow, as well as beautiful gardens and wildlife. During peak weeks you will find special activities for the kids and most of this is set outside. We have done a silent disco, a campfire with live music, craft work and play areas for the children to run around in.

Take a picnic and sit with the family enjoying the scenery while you watch the activities go on. You can also buy refreshments there in the coffee shop or the outside BBQ which you can enjoy on picnic benches. This is also dog friendly so you can take your 4 legged friends with you too.

4. Cardinham Woods

Nestled in a valley right near Bodmin Moor Cardinham Woods is a fantastic place to go for a day out or even just a few hours if you have a spare afternoon or morning. There are lots of different roots for walking depending on your stamina and how long you have. There is a river flowing through the woods so a fantastic place for the kids and dogs to play. Our kids always play in the water whatever the weather either in their wellies or barefoot.

There is a large car park with a machine that takes card. Seasonally there is a coffee shop too, but there are loads of picnic tables so taking your own picnic is popular too. There are also several BBQ’s near the car park too so you can even have a BBQ down there but they are popular so get there early to bag yourself one of them.

5. Land’s End

Land’s End is one of the most famous places in Cornwall. It should be on everyone’s list of must-do’s when visiting our beautiful county. The perfect place for families or couples the famous landmark is just one of the amazing things to do here. The views are spectacular and there are some amazing coastal paths for you to explore too. Seasonally there are activities that you can take part in as well as the famous fireworks over Land’s End.

Land’s End is dog friendly which is also good news for the dog lovers among you. Take a picnic or sample some of the local cuisine and treat yourself to a pasty or cream tea.

6. Tintagel Castle

One of the best historic sites in Cornwall this incredible castle on the cliff tops near Tintagel is a fantastic place to have a day out with the whole family. The ruins are mostly outside so a really great place to explore if you want an outdoor attraction. The views will speak for themselves as you take this tour and you can immerse yourselves in the myth and legend of King Arthur.

The castle is set on the cliffs near Tintagel and there are also beaches and waterfalls in the area that you can check out. We recommend contacting and booking ahead to be able to book your tour.

7. Retallack Water Park

If you fancy doing something a bit different and adventurous then Retallack Water park is a fantastic place for this. you may be visiting with your family or planning a group day out with your friends, whatever you are doing then there are some fantastic activities for you here. From the wave machine to the wakeboarding this huge inflatable Aqua Park also features a giant trampoline, catapult, water wheel stepping stones’ climbing wall, slides, blast bags, challenging balance beams and so much more. We recommend booking in advance here so that you can get a perfect plan for your trip to this amazing water park.

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