The Best Beaches in Cornwall to Take Your Dog

Cornwall is well-known for its stunning beaches but it’s worth checking whether you can take your dog as some have restrictions. There are 138 dog-friendly beaches in Cornwall, a further 72 have restrictions and there are 5 where dogs are banned so it’s definitely worth doing your homework before you go.

That being said, here are some of the best places to go for a day out with your furry friend.

Polly Joke Beach, West Pentire

This stunning beach is a firm favourite with locals and is tucked away and a bit of a walk to get to so it is quite often fairly quiet if you time it right. The beach is large and has walking trails all around it so perfect for a long walk with your dog or letting them have a run about. One of the most pictured scenes in Cornwall is the poppy fields overlooking the beach which you walk through to access the beach. This really is a hidden gem in Cornwall, near Crantock so I would highly recommend it. A couple of things to consider, there is no cafe on the beach so take supplies and it is a walk down some steep fields to get there so consider this if you have small children or maybe less mobile people in your party.

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Crantock Beach

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My favourite beach in Cornwall and another favourite with locals. This is great for all sorts of reasons, easy flat access from the car park, amazing for families as it has an estuary which gives a river for the kids to play in as well as creating rock pools when the tide goes out. The sand dunes also create a place to play as well as the long sandy beach and the sea. There are a lot of water sports as well for instance kayaking and stand up boarding. Dogs are welcome all year round.

There is a cafe near the beach as well as ice creams on the beach and there are toilets to use as well on this beach. You can also access from Newquay using the ferry boat that comes over the estuary when the tide is high or the bridge when the tide is low.

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Harlyn Beach, Padstow

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This sizable beach is a great place to take your family and your dog. Near Padstow, Harlyn beach is dog friendly all year round and there is loads of room for the dog to run around and get wet. The beach itself is easily accessed from a car park right next to it and there is also a pub and shop right over the road so you can sit and have some lunch and a pint after your walk or morning at the beach, the atmosphere is very relaxed and they have extensive outdoor seating. Popular for water sports as well you can try your hand at surfing, windsurfing or just have a swim. Highly recommended for those with dogs too because it is fairly enclosed, no busy roads nearby.

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Mawgan Porth Beach

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This stunning beach is set in the village of Mawgan Porth, there is car parking across the road from the breach and this means its a 2 minute walk from your car to the beach. The beach itself is large when the tide is out which makes for the perfect place to let your dog have a run out. There is also a stream of water so this is also a great place for small children or small dogs, my sausage dog loves playing in there. Across the road from the beach there is a cafe and pub and facilities to use. Mawgan Porth is one of our very sought out locations to stay in Cornwall and we have some fantastic accommodation options there from camping to amazing hotels.

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What’s your favourite beach to take your dog? Let us know in the comments.

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