National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Discovery Quay, Falmouth TR11 3QY England
44 1326 313388
"Explore the Seas' Endless Stories: Navigate Maritime History"


Established in 2003, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall is a well-known establishment that celebrates the maritime history of Cornwall and the wider maritime community. It features an abundance of exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that delve into different facets of maritime history, such as exploration, trade, navigation, and shipbuilding.

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is a vibrant hub for maritime culture, drawing visitors of all ages and backgrounds to learn about, explore, and appreciate Cornwall’s rich maritime heritage. Galleries featuring historic vessels, maritime art, and the stories of people whose lives have been shaped by the sea are among the exhibits that visitors can explore. The museum’s collection includes everything from historic boats and navigational instruments to paintings, photographs, and personal belongings of sailors and maritime enthusiasts.


Discovery Quay, Falmouth TR11 3QY England

About Falmouth

Falmouth is a vibrant town in Cornwall situated on a harbour with stunning beaches and many things to see and do around the area.

The impressive harbour is home to a vast amount of ships and activities. The town is surrounded by some stunning beaches all with their own individual charm and beauty.

The town itself is a bustling hub of different bars and restaurants as well as shops. There are some fantastic accommodation options in Falmouth and it is certainly a must-see place if you are visiting Cornwall.

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