Even though Cornwall is a relatively small place compared to some other tourist destinations there are still many ways for you to take a trip for a day out in Cornwall. You can station yourself in a strategic location in Cornwall that will allow you to travel a short distance to some of the other nearby attractions that most of the tourists enjoy visiting while they are there. Aside from all of the activities that are available for you to take part in while in Cornwall the various day trips available can make for many great days out in Cornwall.

For starters you will need to decide what type of transportation you will be wanting to take for your day out. While of course the main mode of transportation would be by car you can also decide to take a privately chartered boat up along the coast. This will leave you with much less mobility on land and restrict you to only being able to focus on attractions that are on the coast but you will have the advantage of getting up the coast much faster and enjoying a whole different type of scenic view from the sea.

As far as inland attractions there are many gardens around Cornwall if you are into seeing that sort of scenery and the gardens around Cornwall are certainly top notch. While the gardens might not be the most interesting thing for young children, photographers will definitely have a great time snapping amazing photos of all of the colourful flowers around the gardens.

If you are travelling with a family that includes young children then you will be happy to know that there are many amusement parks to keep your children entertained. While there aren’t many roller coasters, there are go-karts, wildlife parks and some play areas with huge slides that the kids will really enjoy. Read more about family days out.

If art and culture is more your thing then the museums around Cornwall are top-notch highlighting everything from paintings to sculptures that will really be able to keep you busy as you check out all of the ones that are scattered across the island. Cornwall is known for having inspired a lot of really great artists over the years possibly due to their laid back culture which has sparked a lot of creativity among the locals.

While not actually a day trip in itself you can definitely have a great day out in Cornwall just by leaving your accommodation and simply walking in one direction for an extended period of time. This is a great way to actually take in everything that Cornwall has to offer because you will not be going so fast that you won’t be able to see all that the area has to offer. Stopping to talk to the locals is also a great way to really experience the calm and laid back feeling that the people of Cornwall have and influence you to get into the same sort of state of mind while you are there too.

While heritage is not usually a very big interest for younger kids, taking a day trip out to the castles around Cornwall can be really exciting for them. Seeing some of these really well preserved castles is interesting for adults on a cultural and heritage level and interesting for kids because, well, it’s a castle! There are many great castles out there to see and luckily many of them are on the hillsides and cliffs that overlook the ocean so they can make for some really great photo opportunities.

Fans of old architecture can also take a day trip around Cornwall looking at all of the really great old houses that are scattered around. It is amazing how old some of these houses are but yet still remain to be in such good condition over the years. The damp weather from being surrounded by the ocean on three sides can really do a number to the structural integrity of a house but many of the houses that you see around Cornwell seem to be holding up remarkably well. Architecture buffs might even be able to learn a thing or two by looking at these houses and the way that they have been built.

Even though staying in Cornwall you can feel like everything that you would ever want to do is available right out of the back door of your hotel, there are many great day trips that can make for many great days out in Cornwall. All of the activities and tours and trips can be combined for some very busy days if that is what you are looking for. Spending a day relaxing is fine as well but with all the great things there are to do on a day out in Cornwall you shouldn’t spend the whole holiday just relaxing.

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