Shipwreck Treasure Museum

Quay Road, Charlestown St. Austell, Cornwall PL25 3NJ
01726 69897
"Unveil Treasures and Stories from Shipwrecks."
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Located in a historic china clay building, the Shipwreck Treasure Museum (formerly the Charlestown Shipwreck & Heritage Centre) is a maritime history, shipwreck, and underwater exploration museum. It features a large collection of artifacts that have been salvaged from shipwrecks around the Cornwall coast and beyond.

The museum offers information on the history of Charlestown, a charming harbor village renowned for its well-preserved Georgian architecture and maritime heritage. Visitors can explore exhibits featuring objects like cannons, navigational instruments, pottery, and personal belongings recovered from various wrecks. The Charlestown Shipwreck Centre provides an immersive experience into the world of maritime archaeology and the perils faced by sailors throughout history, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in Cornwall’s maritime past.


Quay Road, Charlestown St. Austell, Cornwall PL25 3NJ

About Charlestown

Charlstown is a beautiful harbour town just next to St Austell. Charlstown is  home to an old ship and is an unspoilt Georgian Harbour that has only just opened back up to the public. The ship and Charlstown are famous for appearing in many films including Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and BBC’s Poldark. A definite must see if you are in the area, there are some fantastic places to eat and drink as well.

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