Cornwall as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe has really established themselves as an area that can really cater to all sorts of tourists of varying budgets. When looking for hotels in Cornwall you will find that no matter what your budget and list of required amenities is you will find something that will be a good fit for you. The area has hotels scattered all over the place with beachfront and inland hotels all being available at a wide range of prices. Even if you are looking to get up into the hills and see some of the more historical sites you will be able to find a hotel that fits your needs as well as your wallet.

When we say that hotels in Cornwall are cheap that is obviously referring to the fact that the hotels are relatively cheap by European standards. If you are thinking the of sort of Southeast Asia cheap that you will be able to find in places like Thailand or Vietnam then you will disappointed as those types of prices won’t be available. Still though, the low prices for the budget accommodation in Cornwall will not break your bank. Prices will depend largely on what time of year you are going and what the demand is for rooms so it would be irresponsible to list prices directly, but don’t fret, it is definitely an affordable vacation. As a small comparison point, staying at the YMCA hostel (which keeps their prices pretty constant) can be as cheap as $25 per night. Hotels will obviously be more than staying in a hostel but it is probably safe to assume that you knew that already.

One of the benefits to the budget hotels of Cornwall is that many of them can also be booked online, something that is not an option with many budget hotels in other destinations around the world. This has allowed people, mainly domestic tourists from London to quickly arrange a cheap weekend trip to Cornwall with a couple clicks of their mouse, not taking too much time away from their precious work day. Since a large majority of the tourists that are visiting Cornwall are domestic tourists, this is a very important factor.

There is much more to the hotel industry in Cornwall than just budget hotels however. If you have the money to spend then you can get yourself into some of the nicest hotels in the world in Cornwall. Luxury hotel rooms are highly available with all of the luxurious amenities that you would expect from any other destination in the world. While these sorts of rooms do come at a price they are generally much cheaper than you would find for a similar hotel room in a more expensive city.

Also, as more and more areas of the world are becoming environmentally conscious, there are an ever increasing amount of hotels in Cornwall that are considered to be certified green hotels. There are many different methods that these hotels employ to call themselves “green” like using energy saving appliances and light bulbs while recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. For those of you that want to feel good about not leaving too big of an environmental footprint when you are traveling to an area that is as beautiful as Cornwall then staying at one of these green hotels could definitely be of big interest to you.

Often through your hotel you will be able to easily book tours and trips to some of the local areas of interest. While this may be convenient you will usually end up paying a bit more for the convenience. If you have brought your own vehicle with you then it would be wise to get out and explore the area a bit on your own as sometimes getting lost is half the fun. If you have taken the train or arrived by airplane then this might be a very viable option for going to visit all of the local points of interest around the island. If you are short on time as well then you might want to use this option as you will be able to go directly to all of the interesting places without wasting any time with unimportant detours.

While Cornwall is unique in many ways the way in which the hotels are set up around the island is even more unique. Budget hotels are easily booked online for the most part and you can often find a budget hotel in the same area as the expensive hotels so you can get a good mix of people with different interests all hanging out in the same area as well. If camping in Cornwall or staying in a cottage just doesn’t sound like something that interests you then one of the hotels in Cornwall will definitely be of interest to you.


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